Basic Scheduled Notifier on Telegram

A low/no-code way using Zapier or

3 min readMar 25, 2024
You have scheduled send, but what if it needs to be regular and maybe needs to pull data from some other places?

On a couple of occasions, I found myself running into the same issue of having to make scheduled, regular reminders either for myself or for others.

If everyone is on Slack, it is pretty easy with a backslash command and set up a cadence on a platform that everyone checks

/remind my best friend

But on personal messaging systems that most people are on, oddly enough it is still not as easy to set up natively (not Telegram, not WhatsApp and probably not for Signal, Viber, Cacao Talk, Line among others).

Hence, enter 3rd party apps:

Schedule options

On Zapier: Schedule has a few options such as everyday, every month, ever hour

Scheduler on Zapier essentially abstracts the idea of a cron job. While there are various cloud services like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Services and in some setups, even Github Actions, those can be quite…




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