8 Jan TIL: ChatGPT for Design, Telegram

Some thoughts and musings as I started the year

2 min readJan 21, 2023

*TIL = Today I learnt

  • There is no API for ChatGPT (caa 8 Jan 2023)
  • But I did learn that ChatGPT could help provide guidance for creating tokens for design systems:

What are tokens in design?

Design tokens are all the values needed to construct and maintain a design system — spacing, color, typography, object styles, animation, etc. — represented as data. These can represent anything defined by design: a color as a RGB value, an opacity as a number, an animation ease as Bezier coordinates. They’re used in place of hard-coded values in order to ensure flexibility and unity across all product experiences.

Design tokens are directly integrated into our component libraries and UI kits. They cover the various options of platform scales, color themes, component states, and more.

  • To make bot access quick in Telegram, create a t.me link, guide here. Clicking it will trigger the Telegram client on both desktop and mobile (it will lead to the app on mobile)
  • There is also a limit as to how many Telegram bots you can create in a day. I embarrassingly exceeded the limit:




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